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 Graphics for the Website

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PostSubject: Graphics for the Website   Mon Jun 02, 2008 5:19 pm

Original list needed as posted by Okaasan:

I have been working on some graphics by adapting images from URU. At present I have several notebook covers, which are available to anyone who wants to put in a new title. The cover graphic will link to a standard web page with the text -- be it a book, a diary, a scratch pad of doodles, whatever.

For those keeping journals, you need not have an entry for every day, nor a journal for every year. Focus first on the important events in the time-line -- where you were and how your character reacted. For those whose characters came to the area to follow Yeesha, how did you hear the call and what did you feel? Then go through your experience of MOUL, and the major events we have shared. Very important is how you came to La Casa: was it just to stay at the B&B or were you drawn to group's philosophy.

Atheni has generously offered to help with the graphics. Here is a list in no particular order.

Graphics needed

Before anyone panics over the list below, keep in mind that I have photographs of many elements, in particular the tribal things. And we can search the web for what we need -- although obviously RL images will have to be made consistent in appearance with the other graphics.

We will need a compass with 8 directions available. This will be used as needed to allow the player to move through the graphics and hence the story.

Obviously we can generate all the pictures of people via URU's wardrobe. We can create men and women, old and young, and give them any names we want for the purposes of the story. The handicap is in the personal touches. We will want to add clothing and jewelry to those avatars. Atheni, is this possible? I have pictures of jewelry and a lot of clothing ideas, but I need to know if these can be placed on the avatar images.

I already have the necessary graphics from the Cleft, including the gate. It is from this point that the player departs the MOUL world and enters ours -- with the question "What lies beyond the fence?"
*First view at distance of La Casa -- house, garden, fence and gate.
*La Casa gate and sign -- close up
*Vegetable garden
*Herb garden
*Water pump and bucket
*Large sweat lodge behind the house
*Front porch from the gate
*Front door -- close up

*Front hall with Okasan, should reveal stairs going up behind her
*Kitchen with Imzadi making fry bread
*Office with Elpis at her desk
*Stairs to the second floor -- not needed until we have finished all of the first floor.
*Sweat lodge interior -- not needed until later, if at all.
*Library door

Most of the story is revealed in this one room, so this is where many specific items will be with links to the story each tells.
*Bookshelf with many volumes. Over time links will be added as books become available, so just fill the shelves and we will fill the story. However in one place on a high shelf is an obvious space where a large volume has been removed.
*Desk -- should be very tidy with an in box/out box stacked with papers. The drawers will also be links and in these we will find some of the journals and research notebooks.
*Furnishings -- desk chair, small table with reading lamp and comfy chair with a folded Navajo blanket, Navajo woven rug, blinds and very plain linen curtains on the windows, oscillating fans.
*Photograph albums:
The Donnelly family album 1940-1967 with wedding photos, baby pics of Margaret (aka KoHama), Richard on an archaeological dig, La Casa as it was when the Donnellys bought it (weedy and run-down), and obituaries for both parents.
The hippie commune years -- (for once I am really glad about the tie-dye shirt in URU) We need photographs of all sorts of young people in the hippie days (and no we can not all be wearing the same tie-dye shirt, so get creative). Before the game goes down we need to set up some photo shoots with groups of people in Minkata, being the only desert that we can all share.
The native transition could probably be at the end of the commune album but as easily be a smaller album on its own. Some pictures of tribal gatherings, the folks building the sweat lodge at La Casa, pictures of Marie Nez and Joseph Calling Bird.
The DRC years -- no picture of Elias unless we can find one from MOUL. Pictures of Jeff are no problem, and we can put in pics of other DRC folks. Piles of cones, any other construction shots from the Cavern. Yeesha, bahro, and photos of La Casa opening its doors
*On the walls -- framed diplomas for KoHama's parents, certificate designating La Casa an an official historic home, a map of New Mexico.

*A Kokopelli statue
*A Navajo pot
*A map stand (see the one in the city office in URU)
*A woven basket

The Second Floor
*Long corridor with many doors along both sides. The ceiling is low with windows at each end of the corridor.
*Interior of a small simple bedroom (the sort of cell expected of the monastic order who built La Casa in the 18th century). The basic room will be the same for all, but as need requires we will add personal touches for each resident. In particular this is where many current journals will be found.
*Interior of KoHama's room. This is the "Holy Grail" of the La Casa exploration and will not be revealed until we are ready to move to the next part of the story -- the age called Refuge.

Let me know what you have, what you need, and if you have ideas.
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Graphics for the Website
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