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 Website Templates for Participants

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PostSubject: Website Templates for Participants   Mon Jun 02, 2008 5:25 pm

As posted by Okaasan:

For those who want write in HTML formate I am using for the website I have provided the following templates:

The folder is:

The templates are:
meet-avatar-temp.html -- first meeting with any FoF character with description of the encounter, picture of the avatar, place for questions available, and options.

avatar Q and A.html -- linked to each of the questions on the meeting page with color coding between the character and the visitor.

bookcover-temp.html -- the page that comes up when a link on the library bookshelf is clicked. If there is text to follow then the cover is linked to page one.

bookpage-temp.html -- has space for text, images, and lines to break up areas as needed.

compass-temp.html -- is the directional tool we are using to move from scene to scene or from page to page.

description.html -- for any large text entry not included in a book.

quicktime-embed-code.html -- the code to add .mov and .mp3 files to play on the page; you can change true/false values to make the media play automatically or only when manually started.

wndn-temp.html -- for any radio interviews; there is a quicktime-embed-code at the bottom so you can have music play in the background.

image-template.html -- is for images with embedded links and also has the compass for moving to other scenes.

For those who are not familiar with templates, just open the page's source code under your browser's view button. Save the source code into any text program -- like Notepad. Ad your words and images and then attach the file in an email to me.

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Website Templates for Participants
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