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 Complete Timeline (Elpis)

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PostSubject: Complete Timeline (Elpis)   Fri Jun 06, 2008 8:47 pm

0000 Leefo 1 ( 7656 BC ) the great D'ni Exodus to Earth
0008 Leevot 9 Founding of the Writers Guild
0100 Leenouo 18 the Day of the Circle
0233 Leefo 12 the Common Library Opened
1323 Leevot 12 First Arrival of the Great King
Leefo 23 the Sealing of the Great Temple
2262 Leevobro 12 the Lost Books of Birenni found
2646 Leetar 21 the First Day of Dancing
6731 Leevofo 27 Coronation of King Kerath
6977 Leevotar 17 Kerath appoints Council of Elders
9307 Agaeris is born
9313 Aitrus is born
9340 Excavation to surface ends around this year
9350 Anna is born
9351 Aitrus becomes a Guild Master
9359 Anna's mom dies
9365 Aitrus is elected to the council
9368 Anna finds D'ni
9377 Anna marries Aitrus
9392 Gehn is born
9396 Gehn is initiated into the Guild of Books
9400 Leesahn 8 Final revolt of Veovis
94?? Gehn marries Keta
9411 Atrus is born, Keta dies, Gehn leaves for D'ni
9417 Leevofo Gehn begins writing the 5th Age
9425 Gehn takes Atrus with him to D'ni
9429 Leevot 22 Atrus's Korfa V'ja
9429 Gehn traps Atrus in D'ni
9429 Atrus meets Catherine
9429 Gehn is trapped on Riven
9431 Leevosahn 13 Atrus marries Catherine
94?? Sirrus/Achenar are born
9441 Anna dies
9458 Leevotar 11 Gehn successfully links to the 233rd age
9461 Leevotar 29 Catherine is sent to Riven
9462 Leebro 8 Gehn imprisons Catherine
9462 Leevobro 13 you free Atrus from D'ni
9462 Leevobro 30 You are sent to Riven and free Catherine
9466 Atrus and Catherine enter Averone
9468 Leevot 25 Atrus decides to write new age for D'ni
9469 Leefo 1 Around this time Atrus begins writing Releeshahn
9469 Atrus briefly revisits J'nanin
9472 the events of EXILE take place
9642 Year ( 1987 AD ) - John "Fighting Branch" Loftin re-discovers D'ni
9643, Leenovoo 3 ( March 19th, 1988 ) - Branch (Loftin) and Elias Zandi ("Eli") make first journey to D'ni Caverns
9644 ( 1989 AD ) - Branch and Eli reach the D'ni City on their third major expedition
9645 - Richard Watson first accompanies Branch and Eli on an expedition to Ae'Gura
9646 - Branch dies on expedition to D'ni with Dr. Watson and Eli
Dr. Watson forms expeditionary group with former colleagues
Elias and Dr. Watson disagree on how to properly restore the D'ni City
Dr. Watson begins to work with Rand and Robyn Miller on what would become Myst, based on translations of Catherine's Journals
This is the last year that D'ni is left uninhabited
Elias Zandi undergoes open-heart surgery, is warned to slow down
Rand and Robyn Miller first visit the D'ni Cavern following the completion of Myst, but prior to its release
9649- Two massive supply trips are organized by Dr. Watson, dubbed the "ice cream" trips because of the volume of safety cones brought down
Year 9650 - Many small groups of people begin searching the desert for D'ni, following a "calling" they felt; most are accepted as volunteers to help with the restoration process
Year 9651, Leevofo ( November, 1995 ) - Elias and Jeff Zandi enter a heated debate regarding the intended resortation of D'ni and part ways after the expedition is completed
Year 9651 ( 1996 AD ) - Elias Zandi dies of a heart attack, leaving his fortune to the D'ni Restoration Foundation and the land surrounding the Volcano to his son, Jeff
Year 9652, Leevosahn ( January, 1997 AD ) - Dr. Watson forms the D'ni Restoration Council
Year 9653 ( 1998 AD ) - Cyan makes an expedition to D'ni
Year 9654 ( 1999 AD ) - Major expedition brings machinery and tools down to the City
Year 9655 ( 2000 AD ) - Restoration of Ae'Gura (the City) begins
Year 9656 ( 2001 AD ) - Restoration of the first Neighborhood begins
Year 9657 ( 2002 AD ) - Authorized Explorers are allowed into D'ni and several Ages for the first time
Year 9658 ( 2003 AD ) - Explorers from the Surface, assisted by Jeff Zandi, enter D'ni without authorization from the DRC. They now number in the thousands
Year 9659, Leevotar 1 ( February 9, 2004 AD ) - The DRC restoration effort in D'ni is abandoned
9656 in D'ni years is equal to 2000
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Complete Timeline (Elpis)
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