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 Condensed Time Line (Elpis)

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PostSubject: Condensed Time Line (Elpis)   Fri Jun 06, 2008 8:49 pm

Short, short version of timeline notes, as taken by a report by RAWA and on drc forums.

1987 - John "Fighting Branch" Loftin discovers the Great Shaft
March 19, 1988 - Branch and Elias made their first trip to the caverns
1989 - (Third major expedition) they found the city.
1990 - Elias, and Branch take RAWA to city for first time
1991 - Trio made another trip - Branch didn't make it back
1992 - Evident that Elias was consumed by restoration
1993 - Elias had open-heart surgery
Late 1993 - RAWA brought Rand, Robyn, and Ryan to city
1994 - Safety cones brought down
1995 - People started arriving in desert, looking for D'ni

(many became volunteers of the restoration)

Late 1995 - Jeff's first trip to city

(Jeff and Elias philosophically disagreed about the restoration - Elias was consumed with physical restoration - Jeff strongly stated that it was a spiritual restoration - the two parted not on good terms.)

1996 - Elias died of heart attack
Jan 1997 - RAWA formed DRC

From Teledahn information:
11-1997 DRC/Sharper started working in Teledahn
3-3-98 Sharper's first sighting of Shroomie
3-3-00 DRC moved their headquarters to the city
9-21-00 Sharper Trapped Shroomie
9-22-00 Sharper butchered Shroomie
5-23-01 Sharper found the pod of Shroomies
10-21-01 Tragedy occurred ... not sure which
11-2-2001 The KI machine is found (presume this is when they first entered Gahreesen ... my assumption because I would think this is where they find the machine.)

Beginning of 2002 they plan to open the cavern to explorers authorized by the DRC

2-23-2002 Report that the KIs have been working well
3-20-02 DRC opens Teledahn to visitors (Rand and Ryan (I think) were the first.
4-25-02 Teledahn got phase 5 approval

During 2002 are the Zandi battles with the DRC about explorers gaining access to the cavern. He is sending down the people Yeesha is calling to the Cleft, and the DRC do not like it. He eventually wins.

Sharper is cheering Zandi on and supporting him, but not for the right reasons yet.

11-28-03 Phil shows up
12-8-03 Sharper is taken in by Yeesha's power and makes the comment, "It's either Yeesha or the DRC"
12-28-03 Phil's fall

Hinahsh owned Teledahn for ten years, then the Guild of Caterers took over with Guild Captain Ventus running it for awhile.

Manesmo bought the Age cheap - started harvesting the spores again. They made bread. This is when the slave trading started and they sent them to Rebek, where they hunted the slaves for sport.
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Condensed Time Line (Elpis)
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