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 Types of Roles

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PostSubject: Types of Roles   Fri Jun 06, 2008 9:05 pm

The story was originally designed to be played out within the Cavern. With the early April closure, the story has become web-based. As such, you can be a role-player, a writer or an artist, and participate to any extent with which you are comfortable. Unlike actors in a script, we can be whoever we wish to be and can play multiple roles. Your choice of who and how to play are completely open. This is not a guild and there are no requirements for mastery, etc. Most characters will be guests at La Casa, while those who want to join FoF will most likely fall into the entry level as described below. Those with a desire to take an active leadership role should consider creating an older "senior" member, and a few may want to create a specific story character, someone who may have had interaction (yes, we are just making this up) with Cyan created characters.

At present we have the following characters and/or levels:

Guests at La Casa -- it is a bed & breakfast with a lot of rooms. Grab a key and take up residence.

Friends of the Fissure -- a philosophical order dedicated to preserving La Casa and following the wisdom of Yeesha. FoF started as a response to Elias Zandi's purchase of the adjacent land, but has evolved into much more; structure is as follows:

Entry Level -- The Servants of the Order
Most of us will be playing as someone who has come into the Cavern and converted to a belief in Yeesha, Yahvo, etc. The clothing of FoF members is meant to be distinctive -- either in plain black for those just getting started, or after finishing the Cleft quest, wearing a Yeesha shirt with black trim, black jeans and black sandals. This is so far the suggested dress code for those role-playing in FoF. Your avatar may have reasons to dress differently.

Handmaidens are women who have just joined. Acolytes are the men. You may name your character anything you like, of course, but we suggest you choose a name that reflects the nature of the FoF -- so not "Dr. Evil" or "Myss Hanky Panky" Very Happy

Although I have had an avatar named Handmaiden and another named Accolyte, those were just templates and have since been deleted. You can call yourself "Acolyte Something Nice," but then you have an avatar stuck at a level. I think it is more realistic just to pick a name and be that person who happens to be a handmaiden or an acolyte.

Senior -- The Protectors of the Order -- We are egalitarian enough that anyone who has the creds or the drive to be a senior can be a senior. At present as Okaasan I am a senior, but then I am also the forum admin. Seniors may choose to dress as all other members of the Order, but we can also consider upping the "uniform" to include the new clothing from Catherine. Another possibility is that all FoF dress the same except on special occasions.

Special Characters -- Jim Nakai and KoHama ni D'ni are examples. These characters are story elements, folks with a specific place in the plot and connection to the FoF and/or the URU community. Some folks may wish to cast themselves in opposition in order to give us some dramatic counter arguments. Of course, we need to know this here in the backstage area, but in the story itself be prepared to play out whatever role you have designed. SCs do not have to dress according to anyone's guidelines, and should choose from the wardrobe the clothing that best reflects the character.

Again, nothing is set in stone. These are just my ideas and I want to hear yours
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Types of Roles
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