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 My HTML Coding Needs

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PostSubject: My HTML Coding Needs   Fri Jun 06, 2008 9:15 pm

If you are writing a text piece, please write it as much as possible as you wish it to appear on the webpage. Nothing will be published until it has been read, edited, and proofed. HTML coding is not the same as that used for the forum. It will help me if the final form of your text uses as much HTML code format as possible. These codes will appear here as codes, but it will allow me to cut and paste the text into the webpage without having to do a lot of code editing.

HTML templates for the website are online and listed in another post in this section. Many will be for publication of text documents. We will have stationery for letters, as well as notebooks and bound books. Please let me know what type of publication you are creating.

To create a new line you need to type <BR>. Otherwise your text will be one very looooooong sentence. To create a paragraph type <P> to start a new paragraph and </P> to end it. As for margins, each template will have margin space built in so don't worry about that.

For italics use <I> and </I> and bold is <B> and </B>. This is a good way to set off the dates in a journal, or to insert chapter headings in a book text.

Let me know what sort of text your character uses. While not all browsers show different fonts, most can show a handwriting font, a serif-font, and a sans-serif font. I use Lucida Handwriting for tidy handwriting, Kidprint for more juvenile handwriting and Courier for basic typewriter text. Any books we create will be printed in one of the serif fonts.

We can also create a book title and then link it the book image to a webpage with the information. Many of the books are animated, as are the vision dreams. Animations usually have musical background, as will the radio interviews that appear throughout the early part of the journey.l

As I create the graphics and templates, I will be posting them in my web space and putting the links here so that you can see the work as it progresses. This may help you make some decisions about what approach you want to take.
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My HTML Coding Needs
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