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 Character Interactions

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PostSubject: Character Interactions   Fri Jun 06, 2008 9:20 pm

We have gotten our characters into our heads, now we have to figure out how the characters interact, how they feel about one another, and what they might say about each other when another in the story is not listening. Here is what I have gathered so far from my characters:

KoHama is someone with whom there is very little interaction. She has suffered a lot of emotional damage over the years -- losing her parents while still young, watching the world change from the 1960s through the 1990s, the death of her dearest friend Elias Zandi, becoming invested in the Cavern only to have the DRC take it over, and then to spend a decade in the isolation of another age. Since her return to La Casa in October 2007 she has kept largely to her room, spoken rarely, and then only to Okaasan and Marie Nez. She can be seen sometimes walking in the gardens, but is shy around strangers. Visitors are told to leave her alone, to wait for her to speak first. Mostly, though, folks just see her slipping quickly away into the shadows.

Okaasan is KoHama's lifelong friend and the one to whom the property was entrusted when KoHama departed after Elias died. We know that you can not take a link book with you so link book must have been kept by Okaasan. She made a few visits there over the years, and thus kept in touch with KoHama. Okaasan depends on Elpis in the same way that KoHama depends on Okaasan. Okaasan is friendly while businesslike. However, she freely admits to having no great head for numbers. Elpis is therefore keeping the books which Okaasan had in disarray.

Elpis is a more recent addition to La Casa, but is someone upon whom the previous members have placed complete trust, especially in handling the book-keeping. Elpis is reliable, pleasant and very efficient.

Imzadi is new, young and aglow as are most converts. She views KoHama as mysterious and maybe even a little bit spooky -- sort of the way the rest of us think of Yeesha. She has a flirtatious streak, and has a crush on Jim Nakai ("I know he's married, but he's still cute.") Ditsy as she may be, she is a good cook and is often found in the kitchen, preparing a variety of dishes, both American and Navajo, including a great fry-bread.

Sophrosyne is quiet, so no problem there. She seems to be a blend of the Yeesha-inspired mystic with a touch of the '60s drug culture -- only without any known use of recreational pharmaceuticals. Okaasan accepts her as being very like she and KoHama were at her age (and they were both deep into hippie counter-culture). So far, Sophrosyne only talks to Elpis and much of what she says to anyone else doesn't make a lot of sense. Oh well, La Casa accepts all with open hearts and willing hands.

Jim Nakai is a local mechanic and handyman. Married, father of three, he stops by the house often to help "the ladies" manage. Elpis sees that he is paid for his assistance, and he enjoys the conversation about the mysterious cavern that lies below the desert floor.

Marie Nez Calling Bird is a widow who lives on her own property that lies between Zandi's and La Casa. Her late husband was a Cherokee medicine man, while she is a Navajo. When KoHama's parents left her orphaned, the Calling Birds adopted the young woman, giving her a native name and a sense of identity. Joseph died years ago, but his widow lives in their hogan a few miles from La Casa. Marie knows about the Cavern, but has never been there, nor has she any desire to go. Her traditional beliefs color much of her interactions with the European-descended people who come to the area. She expects people to introduce themselves before engaging in conversation, to keep silent if there is nothing to say, and to be patient when waiting for answers.

Dr. James Timothy is not meant to be a regular character yet, but may show up in a greater role later on. He was once a student of Dr. Richard Donnelly, and is interested in Donnelly's last research into the missing habitation levels in the Cleft area. He has had no contact with the Donnelly family since before Richard died, but in future he may write letters to "Margaret" (KoHama) only to be disappointed that she does not reply.
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Character Interactions
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