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 The Legal Stuff

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PostSubject: The Legal Stuff   Fri Jun 06, 2008 9:49 pm

We have an agreement with Cyan Legal which in part forbids me from posting what the agreement says. For those who are working on La Casa and any subsequent ages keep in mind that we must treat Cyan and its creations with respect. Nothing we do must in anyway defame or denigrate Cyan or Cyan worlds. That said, we must respect canonically established plot points, nor may our fan-based story directly contradict Cyan's storyline. We may not use any Cyan created character in our story, except peripherally. Also, we must be ready to change should a future Cyan publication contradict our story.

Therefore, no plot point can be set in stone. Every character and storyline must have an alternate course should a change be required. I will be proofing all written material submitted, editing as needed to comply with the terms given to me by Cyan's legal department.

That said, this forum is our backstage area. We can discuss any aspect of the story openly. The website is the story itself and what is published there must adhere to the agreement.
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The Legal Stuff
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