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 Thorne's introduction

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PostSubject: Thorne's introduction   Thu Jun 12, 2008 11:57 am

This is my male contribution to LaCasa:

Thorne's personality is that he's a free spirit, yet he's a real man in that he loves heavy lifting type of work. Loves working with his hands. Not muscular in the way of working out, but has strong solid muscles because of hard work.

Strong healthy constitution. Rarely gets even a sniffle. A nature man. A man who believes in healthy living. And he's a vegetarian. Not strict, because he'll eat eggs and cheese, but avoids meats. He loves animals, but he can't be classified as a 'bunny-lover' ... he just doesn't feel that eating meat is the healthy way to go for him.

Raised in Indiana by a rich family. Adopted as a baby. Doesn't know his true parents. Never felt as if he belonged and was always inferior to the other kids in the household because they were not adopted and they were truly rich brats. He left as soon as he could and never looked back. Doesn't feel any remorse at leaving anyone, except for the nanny, Abigail, who was like a mother to him. But she died the year before he left. His name was John Rowlings, but he gave up that name when he left home ... at the age of 17 (sound right?). That would make him young when he reached LaCasa, yet old enough to gain stature and be a useful member and teacher for others.

His strengths and uses are in handyman work. He's got an engineer mind and understands structure and machines well, can build anything. But no formal education in this. He's self taught, learning from whoever and whatever he could get his hands on, absorbing everything.

He does have a degree that he acquired on the side... in philosophy.

Thoughts on his role in LaCasa ....

He oversees the maintenance at LaCasa. Trains volunteers for exploring new Ages (still needs to be discussed), and is the Age Exploration Safety Manager (ideas still in development there.)
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Thorne's introduction
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