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 Elpis Introduction and Backstory

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PostSubject: Elpis Introduction and Backstory   Thu Jun 12, 2008 12:01 pm

Hi! My full name is Elpis Danae Frietag.

My namesake is the spirit of hope who clung to the inside of Pandora's Box when it was opened, refusing to leave mankind.

In that same spirit, I remain in the cavern and other ages, forever remembering the words of Yeesha and Yahvo as an inspiration of hope that all will not be lost.

There is destruction coming. Yeesha made that clear in her first speech to us at the cleft. But she gave us words of hope; we will find what we're looking for as long as we seek the journey. At that time, it meant to follow the seven journey cloths and collect the books for the prime ages, and then to solve each prime age by finding its seven cloths.

By following Yeesha's journey and collecting and returning the pillars, we complete that goal. But I don't believe that's where Yeesha's journey actually ends. The coming destruction was still far in coming at the time she gave that speech at the cleft, and it's still in the future according to her speech in K'veer this past year.

For a long time, I remained silent and invisible to all. I didn't want to get too involved, but recent events have frightened some people, angered others. They have forgotten why they really came to the cavern. They have forgotten to have hope.

I feel this is the right time to remind people of the hope in Yeesha's words. I am certain more is soon to be revealed from her.

There is still continued hope in Yeesha's words. In following and staying true to her teachings, we will find a true path meant for us. And all will be well in the end.

Elpis backstory:

Iíve felt different for as long as I can remember. My pale eyes, as were my fatherís, were nothing like the dark eyes of others. Even though my father had a tanned complexion and amber hair, my hair and skin were lighter than anyone elseís, much like a ghost. My father, also my best friend, said it made me special. I only knew it made me different. In spite of his loving care, I knew my home lay elsewhere.

My father was very proud of our family ranch in Nebraska. For many generations, the ranch passed down from father to first-born, and I was my fatherís first-born. My mother, pale eyes and skin also, lived and died on the ranch. At the tender age of six, I buried my loving mother; a terrified child who clutched the locket that bore her picture and the inscription, ďTo my darling Elpis, my hope. May you find the courage to follow the path your father and I could not.Ē

I didnít know what that message meant until years later. Years after the dreams started.

At first, I dreamt of a hole in the ground. In it, I followed a tunnel where creatures screeched and eyes glowed. Yet, it was never a nightmare. I awoke each morning comforted by that dream.

I told my father about the dreams once they showed me an underground city beside a glowing lake. My father seemed very frightened and ordered me to ignore the dreams and to speak of them no more. His reaction scared me so much that I never spoke to him of the dreams again.

The nightly visions progressed as I grew older. In them, the city teemed with people with pale eyes and pale hair and I walked with these people. They were paler and taller than I, and yet, I felt welcomed with them. I felt as if I belonged with them.

Then, my father died, and the dreams changed, culminating into that vision that changed everything for me.

In it, a great roaring beast advanced upon the underground city, devouring everyone in its path. I hid in a darkened alcove, with a single glowing ball giving off the barest of light. The beastís roar shook the ground and the city crumbled around me, threatening to bury me in a pile of rock. It continued to advance upon my hiding place.

A screech like that of the creatures in the tunnel vibrated beside me. I saw the glowing eyes and the creature stepped forward into the meager light, holding a clawed hand out to me. I knew this creature was my friend and I flew into the creatureís embrace as it touched a spot on its chest.

All went dark and I awoke back in my bed in Nebraska. My motherís locket lay on the pillow next to me, not on the nightstand where I had left it the night before. The morning rays shone upon my motherís face and her message to me from the opened necklace.

It was time for me to follow the path that lay before me.

Leaving the ranch to my exuberant half-brother, I embarked on my journey. A young woman of twenty, alone for and away for the first time in my life. And yet, I felt calm, as if I knew exactly what lay before me.

I followed a voice that called to me. Sometimes I imagined the voice as my motherís, but I knew it wasnít. The voice led me to a cleft in the desert of New Mexico.

The cleft formed a serene haven with living quarters built into its rocky walls. In one of those rooms I met Oksasan. Through her, I learned of the Díni and of Yeesha, who I now know as the voice who led me to the cleft.

I still continue my journey.

With Yeesha, there is hope.
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Elpis Introduction and Backstory
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