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 Sophrosyne Introduction

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PostSubject: Sophrosyne Introduction   Thu Jun 12, 2008 12:07 pm

(as told by elpis)

Sophrosyne is a member of FoF who few people know, and fewer yet will know. I can't tell you where she's from. She will only say, "On the journey, it only matters where you're going. Where you have been is in the past."

When asked about her family, she only says, "D'ni and the Least are my family."

She has very little to say on anything. Most of the time she won't speak at all. I feel as if I'm her closest friend, and she rarely speaks to me.

Sophrosyne can be very strange. In the cavern she'd show up somewhere public, quote a few verses of prophecy or proverb and link out again.

She doesn't run, but slowly walks everywhere. When she acknowledges someone, she will bow to them.

Her manner of dress is simple, like the rest of us. She favors Catherine's shirt.

She had a habit of going into a bahro cave and just sitting. I think anyway. She used to disappear behind one of the doors for quite awhile. She has never told me what goes on in there, but she seemed happy when she returned again.

Since the cavern's closing, you normally find her in the LaCasa greenhouse or garden. Sometimes talking to the stream about the flowing water, bringing life to the desert and pleasing the desert bird.

She spends a lot of time experimenting with the herbal recipes and studying alchemy books. She talks more now, but is still strange and cryptic most of the time.
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Sophrosyne Introduction
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