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 Our Hidden Books & Other Goodies

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PostSubject: Our Hidden Books & Other Goodies   Fri Jun 13, 2008 10:00 pm

Most of the books at La Casa are conveniently -- and openly -- displayed on the library bookshelf. There is no mystery in this. But we are setting up for Phase 2, in which we reveal dynamic ages (currently awaiting our skills to evolve to make such things). We have left hints here and there that the ladies at La Casa were able to take some books from the Cavern before Zandi and later the DRC controlled access to the Cavern. One such book is Refuge, a gift from Elias Zandi to KoHama. After his death KoHama took up refuge in that age where she remained for a decade.

Just for a bit of practice, I will be hiding a book with a link in certain bedrooms. This will be an animated picture book of images taken while in flymode. If I can work out the code and links, we can hide other "easter eggs" around the house and grounds. Let me know if you think of other books and goodies to hide around the site.
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Our Hidden Books & Other Goodies
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