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 FoF Archives Lost

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PostSubject: FoF Archives Lost   Tue Oct 28, 2008 10:00 pm

The external hard drive upon which I stored all my FoF archives, mostly graphics, has died and my household ubergeek says that the data is probably irretrievable. Of course, my data loss is far greater than the loss of files to this one website, and right now I have to focus on recovering other files from various backups, if such even exist. Since the external drive WAS the backup this means that I will have to rescan, recreate, retype, etc. a lot of stuff or just learn to live without.

For La Casa, all this means is that I will be unable to do much in the way of updates for a time. Should anyone else care to add to the site, just let me know. send the file to my email and I will upload it to the site.

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FoF Archives Lost
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