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 Join Us and Share Your Story

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PostSubject: Join Us and Share Your Story   Mon Nov 10, 2008 12:41 am

Elpis and I are adding more story lines as well as opening up the site to include work from other authors. We do have some technical and legal limitations that I can discuss with you in depth via email if you are interested in involving yourself and your characters at La Casa.

In short FoF asks the following of the team:

1. You must stay within the ever mysterious bounds of canon. This is a tough one because there are 5 games, 3 novels and many moths of MOUL, each having an effect on the Cyan based story. La Casa has been very deliberately set literally on the outside of the Cleft fence. You may start in good old Tomanha, but our story does not pick up until you climb the fence.

2. You may not create a character who impinges on a Cyan based character. We have skirted this one very closely by suggesting that Elias Zandi and my character KoHama were very close friends -- perhaps very very close more than friends-- but it would be rude to kiss and tell. A corollary is that your character should not be god, god-like, of D'ni blood, omniscient and worshiped by the masses. This not really a rule as it is good manners. Many writers will tell you that as soon as they started evolving an explorer character to a higher level they got massively flamed for it.

3. Cyan can pull the plug on us anytime we transgress a boundary, but so far they have been lovely to us and encourage us to keep the world alive anyway we can.

4. Practical reality -- La Casa is hosted on my website so therefore everything that gets posted to that site goes through me and as a courtesy is shared here on our private forum. This includes all graphics, text, music, etc. Your work will be proofed and if necessary edited, although nothing will be posted until we all agree that it is correct in all aspects and fits well into the place intended.

5. Technical reality -- My skills are in basic graphics, HTML, and short animations. Those who can add cut scenes or 3D aspects will be much adored. At the bottom most level though is the creativity of the writer. If it ain't on the page it ain't on the stage, as the old theatre adage goes. If you have a great idea but can not code it, be not afraid. Submit your work as a .txt file and I will convert it to HTML. If you already code in HTML that is fine but I ask that you NOT use the conversion function of a wordprocessor (Word, WordPerfect, etc.) These conversion programs produce code that looks great to the non-tech viewer, but the code itself is terrible, being full of junk tags as well as confused messy code which makes it hard for me to make changes and corrections as needed.

Please join us and be part of a story that something for everyone and room for more.
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Join Us and Share Your Story
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