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 The three offices I have ideas ready for in M'nine

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PostSubject: The three offices I have ideas ready for in M'nine   Mon Nov 10, 2008 4:28 pm

64 D'ni inhabited M'nine at the time of the Great Fall. There is a building with six offices. The building is in good condition, built of wood, made to look D'ni in their familiar style. Three of the offices are ready for their pictures to be taken.

1. Overseer of the fishing fleets. M'nine is a food age. This man designed the fishing boats and made sure they were all up to code. His office has a window that overlooks the sea harbor. He has a large wooden desk, shelves along the wall, and worktable along another wall. His office will have charts, books, designs and ship models. The ship models should look like ships similar to what we find in the cavern.

2. Record keeper - in charge of keeping records on the D'ni living in M'nine. His office has record books, parchments, etc. He also was a mathematician and practiced his hobby extensively. Charts and number-counting devices should be in his office also. His window overlooks a deserted city street behind the building.

3. The Age healer - his office would have a smaller desk, lots of books and papers, along with a table full of herbals and vials. Medical models of people would also be in there. His office has a window, but all you really see is the sky through it.

Let me know if you would like to try recreating a snapshot of their offices. I would like to work with the artist on tone and making sure the office fits my character's personality. I'm easy-going, so don't be afraid. Very Happy
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The three offices I have ideas ready for in M'nine
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