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 Story opportunities in M'nine

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PostSubject: Story opportunities in M'nine   Wed Nov 12, 2008 6:30 pm

I've created another option for people to help out on with M'nine. Elpis has discovered what they call a 'treasure room' in one house of M'nine. Protected in a container were various D'ni books, such as a copy of the Watcher's Prophecies and the King's Journals, along with a few family histories and text books that I'm using within the M'nine storyline.

Unprotected from the damage caused by weather over time due to a damaged roof is a wall full of shelves containing many D'ni literature books. There is a permanent team restoring and translating those books stationed there.

So if anyone wishes to create a story or poem for the D'ni for FoF to use at LaCasa, please do so.

(I doubt that I'll be able to get around to doing any, so this is a needed gift from anyone willing to help out - for as many who would like to do so.)
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Story opportunities in M'nine
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