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 Need More Visions

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PostSubject: Need More Visions   Mon Nov 17, 2008 12:24 am

Because of technical and time limitation adding new content is a slow process. One aspect that is easy to expand are the visions that come via D'ni herbal preparations. These are animated gif files usually involving about 5-9 images. The more images the less we can do with spiffy transitions, but special effects can be included in the images themselves. So far each vision has been based around a theme -- either an age or a concept. We can also incorporate hints to future ages that are in development.

Right now we have visions via the bedrooms and one that is encountered in the great outdoors. So far the three standard visions come from drinking tea, inhaling incense or using a smudge stick. Each bedroom has the three options, but each method produces the same vision. We have the potential for 9 visions, so that each room produces a different vision for each method used. And there is no reason not to change visions from time to time, so that the site remains

About one third of the visions produce linking into an instanced room with hidden goodies. Should you be interested in producing a hidden goodie -- spiffy book, for instance -- go for it. This is one way in which we can allow other writers to link their work into La Casa. Even an age that is only in concept form can have hints that appear in a vision or in "photographs" tucked in a drawer.

Even if all you have are some evocative images that you would like to see as a vision, send them to me and I will see what I can do with them.
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Need More Visions
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