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 New Updates to Philosophy and History?

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PostSubject: New Updates to Philosophy and History?   Mon Mar 15, 2010 2:44 pm

Parts of our original storylines don't match well with MOULagain. Those parts we're thinking over and brainstorming some adjustments.

While it may be slow here - the project is being worked on.

Friends of the Fissure Bevin is open to members. Buddy Friends of the Fissure at #600886...the character is one from my Age Exploration Novel, Thorne. Somewhat of a challenge for me, since I'm female. LOL Please forgive me if I make a fool of myself while he's in there. I'm using him only for people wanting to join the bevin.

If you're already with a Bevin, but want an invite, buddy Thorne, give a hollar, and he'll send you an invite.

Elpis still retains her own private bevin, but she gives pellet counts to FoF and checks in. You can also friend her at #799191.

Any problems or questions, I'm also Issis Ceriano in Second Life. I live on Island of Myst and run the Frosted Myst Literature and Arts Stores, plus the retreat for Claw and Quill Writer's Guild (mixed fiction, non-fiction, poetry group - open to all).
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New Updates to Philosophy and History?
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