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 Path of the Traveler

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PostSubject: Path of the Traveler   Mon Jun 02, 2008 4:50 pm

As described by Okaasan February 5, 2008:

Quote :
Based on the text and timelines posted elsewhere on this forum we will craft a non-linear telling of the FoF story. This can be done in a static, solo-player web-accessible way by using image maps -- graphics with embedded links that lead to other graphics or to text.

My html skills are a bit rusty but I understand the basics. We may need to find an uber-geek to smooth the rough edges.

To give you an idea of the vision so far:

The fence in the sunny cleft -- one area allows the player to "jump the fence" and the following text describes a hike over 3 miles to reach La Casa.

La Casa -- click on the picket fence to enter and see a compass. One way leads to the garden, another leads to the front door.

Garden -- areas tell the player which herbs are being grown, some culinary, some medicinal, some ritual -- including peyote and tobacco.

Front Door -- opens to Okasan who gives a welcome speech and invites the player inside, revealing another compass. Left into the office and elpis, straight to the kitchen and Imzadi, right into the library.

Office -- elpis has a welcome text and a journal which the player may read.

Kitchen -- Imzadi talks about the vegetables the Order sells and the craft co-op with the tribal people, in which the Order participates.

Library -- objects in the room tell most of the story we have so far. Pictures of KoHama's parents, their diplomas and degrees, her childhood pictures. Books will include Okasan's journal, some early formal letters from Elias to KoHama concerning the possible purchase of her property, some of the animated books that are currently on Myss Terrie's forum, and "D'ni for Dummies" -- a book of the script and numerals in D'ni. There should be an obvious space where a book is missing.

In a later release, a new location will be added -- the bedrooms upstairs. Most of these will be locked, but the link on each door will identify who sleeps in that room. One door will be KoHama's and clicking on it brings up the text that "This is KoHama niD'ni's private room and she does not wish to be disturbed."

When we are ready to move forward, the player will be able to enter KoHama's room to find her diary, some very personal letters from Elias, and with persistence an ornate but locked "book safe." The ornamentation should have working buttons suggesting that the proper sequence will open the box.

In future, the book safe's combination will be found and the book inside will lead to Refuge -- the age where KoHama lived for a decade after Elias' death. That, of course, is an entirely different age and project.
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Path of the Traveler
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